Sign Support range

Our new range of sign supports and display fixings.

We are now providing a new range of sign support products with many enhancements and additional features which are simply not available with cheap generic sign supports.

NEW retail packaging

All our sign supports are now sold in unique "retail ready" blister packs. This enhancement allows your sign supports to arrive in top condition fully protected duringsign supports for acrylic panels transit and storage.

If you sell sign supports to your own customers our new retail packaging allows you to supply products in a professional way. Because every blister pack have full installation instructions printed on the rear this enables you to supply a proper retail ready solution to your customers

Screws and plugs now included.

New retail packs now contain ALL the screws and rawlplugs needed to install each fixing. This is more convenient for you and your customers. The right screws and plugs come with every pack so there is no need to waste time and money searching for these items separately.

Enhanced panel clamping

Generic sign supports have a simple metal to panel fixing system. Our new sign sign support products are supplied with unique silicone cushioning washers. These are placed either side of the metal fixing parts. By using these cushions you can prevent marking of you display panels and ensure a nice, tight fit. The sign supports have a built in hidden collar which locates the silicone washers under the fixing, hiding it from view.

Unique tight thread feature

Our new range of sign supports feature a much improved thread pattern. This improvement means our sign supports have a tighter, more precise threading action which eliminates loose fitting and ensures that you achieve a nice tight fit every time.

Built in security

Generic sign supports can easily be disconnected. This allows anyone who wants to remove your display panels to do so unchecked. Our new sign supports have a security locking screw built into the head part of the fitting. You need to use a hex key to loosen the head and remove the panel (hex keys provided in the packaging). This stops people from tampering with your sign support installation.

Coloured Sign Supports now available

our range of sign supports

As well as our popular Chrome & Satin effect sign supports we now offer a range of anodised colours. These coloured sign supports allow you to create more effective and stylish installations using the sign support system.

Manufactured from high grade aluminium our coloured sign supports are a huge step up in quality when compared to cheap generic fixings. Whilst generic sign supports are normally manufactured from low grade metal our new range use high strength aluminium alloy.

The finer metal quality of our sign supports is the reason why we can offer you a much improved thread pattern- a threading system which makes generic sign supports look crude.

Coloured sign supports are made with attractive metallic type colouring- which are a huge improvement over solid colours. If you need a specific colour for a project please let us know- we are able to make custom sign supports to match your precise requirements.

NEW stainless steel sign supportsstainless steel display fixings

For exterior projects you need to use Stainless Steel sign supports. If you have ever tried generic sign supports outside you will know that they quickly degrade, loosing their decorative finish.

With Stainless Steel sign supports you are using a product made for outdoor work. These fixings give you the highest quality fixing system there is.

Stainless steel sign supports come in either Mirror Chrome (see picture) or attractive Satin Silver. Available in a broad range of diameters and projection lengths these stainless steel fixings are suitable for just about any exterior display or sign project.

Our stainless steel sign supports incorporate our silicone cushioning system and can be used with virtually any type of panel- from Glass to Acrylic, from Dibond to Stainless Steel.

Cap covers available too.

Flat and bevelled cap covers are available in Stainless Steel and matched anodised aluminium. These fixings allow you to mount your display panels and sign boards flush to the fitting surface. If you are looking for a quality alternative to screw caps or cups then our cap fittings are the solution you need.

Cap covers use our silicone cushion system.

The FULL solution

If you want a cheap generic sign supports you have many suppliers to choose from. If you want quality and performance are your requirements then we feel our sign support products offer a much improved solution.

Check how much you pay for generic sign supports- you will probably find we are the same price. Remember- we supply you with a full solution INCLUDING the screws and plugs you need.

Not just sign supports

Compare other sign support suppliers and you will see that we are one of if not the only supplier which gives you a full panel production service.

From acrylic panels to stainless steel we make a full range of sign and display panels and blanks in-house with no manufacturing premium.

If you can buy a better quality sign support system AND get easy access to precision panel production why waste time and money elsewhere?

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